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Our Facilities:


A 10 Ton overhead EOT Crane is available for the entire factory area for movement, loading and positioning heavy components. An additional crane of 5 Ton, 3 Ton & 1 Ton of one number each are also provided to handle smaller jobs.


200 KW power is available. 62.5KVA Generator is connected for a emergency power failure situations. In addition to that a 320 KVA Diesel genset will also be in position soon for testing the Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and Systems in case of power failure.

3.Assembly Area

Our 5000 sq. ft assembly area for hydraulic pumps and motors consists of assembly rigs with special tools and tackles to facilitate quick and precise assembly of Hydraulic components. 100 Tons hydraulic press is available in the assembly area for fixing and pre-loading of Pumps and Motors bearings.

4. Quality Control & Inspection

Clean room is a part of our Inspection area comprises of inspection table with modernized measuring instruments. Complete inspection of parts is done before assembling the system.

5. Testing Facility

Our Test facility is one of the best in the Industry standards. 1 No. 75KW & 2 Nos. 180 KW Test Benches are installed for testing of Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and components. 75 KW Test Bench is used for testing of Open loop/ Closed loop Hydraulic Pumps of smaller displacements.

180 KW Pump Test Bench is exclusively for testing closed loop Pumps up to 750cc/rev. An independent cross port relief valve, Charge & Servo Pumps, loading cartridges is part of test Bench. An Electronic monitoring & recording system is installed for online measurement of leak flow and simulate the volumetric and mechanical efficiency of the Pumps.

180 KW Hydraulic Motor Test Bench is of unique design. It consists of rigid structure suitable for mounting 2 Nos. Hydraulic motor of capacity from 1- 150 lit/rev and weighing upto 8 tonnes which can be tested back to back for 200 bar @ 2 rpm. An electronic monitoring system (Data Logger) is installed for checking essential parameters.

6. Painting

Special painting process is used for painting the hydraulic components by using pneumatic sprayer system.