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LD Series

MASCOT LD Series hydraulic motors are developed for high-speed applications and perform with high efficiency in tough conditions. They are used mainly in Rail Car Pushers, Side Arm Chargers and Wagon Tipplers, but are also highly suitable for Belt Conveyor applications. Their compact size, light-weight and ease of intallation make these motors also equally suited for mobile applications. Several mounting options are available.

The axial load capacity of our LD Series motors is very high, making them very suitable for use in Paddle Feeder Wheel Drives and other applications where axial forces are high. An integral parking brake at teh front of the motor ensures high holding torque.


MD Series

MASCOT MD Series hydraulic motors are designed for high power and high-speed applications. Wagon Tipplers, Shredders and Slew Drives are typically driven by MD Series motors. In additional, these motors are well suited for use on Feeder Breakers, Ball Mills and Bowl Mills. Optionally, an integral brake can be fitted on the front end of the motor shaft.

Motor displacements range from 12 lit/rev. to 15lit/rev. providing a wide variety of precise hydraulic motor and pump combinations. These motors can take heavy shock loads due to the incorporation of arobust front bearing arrangement.


820 Series

MASCOT 820 Series hydraulic motors provide high torque for high-speed applications and incorporate the "high-flow" distribution system. These motors are extensively used for Wagon tippler and high inclination conveyors, where a high brake torque is required. Hydraulic braking(static) up to 16000 kg/m is achievable, which also makes them an ideal choice for high braking torque applications. The motor displacements available range from 10 lit/rev. up to 30 lit/rev.

with heavyshock load resistance due to the incorporation of a robust front bearing arrangement. An integral parking brake option is also available to ensure high holding torque.


HD Series

MASCOT HD Series hydraulic motors provide high torque characteristics for low speed applications and incorporate a "high-flow" distribution system. On special request, the motors can also be custom-made to suit high-speed requirements. The HD Series motors are torque arm mounted to eliminate installation misalignments and they are the ideal choice for applications such as Bucket Wheel Drive, Apron Feeder Drive and Kiln Drive etc.

The motors operate withlow noise and high efficiency with power outputs as high as 1000 KW. The Mascot HD Series motors ensure trouble free operation even in extreme environmental conditions.


VHD Series


CR Series

MASCOT CR Series motors are designed for use in MArine, Steel and mining industries for winches, Cranes, haulage and constant tension equipment stc., where a continuos duty cycle with high effiiciency and varying load conditions are demanded. They can be installed inside winch drums and form an integral part of the machine, enhancing the compactness of the entire system. The displacement varies from 4 lit/rev to 40 lit/rev.

Our Rotating Case motors have a significantly enhanced and enlarged internal front bearing assembly to improve load bearing ability and with a greatly improved oil distribution system, can withstand greater bedframe misalignments, frequently experienced on ship mounted applications.