Hydraulic Power Packs


Hydraulic Powerpack - Bucket Wheel and Slew Drive Hydraulic Powerpack – Boom Luffing Hydraulic Powerpack – Operator Cabin Hydraulic Powerpack – Wagon Tippler Hydraulic Powerpack – Side Arm Charger Hydraulic Powerpack – Apron Feeder Hydraulic Powerpack – Boom conveyor Hydraulic Power pack – Conveyor

Hydraulic Power Packs:
Maha hydraulics can provide hydraulic systems for Industrial and Marine application to any part of the world. Typical Hydraulic drive applications include Stalker Reclaimer, Wagon tippler , Paddle Feeder, Apron Feeder , Side Arm Charger , Boom luffing , Conveyors and as well as other varieties of industrial machinery. We offer our distributors reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. Each power pack is designed and manufactured in our Factory premises (Chennai) using latest technologies and that makes us one of the top competent in the world market.

Some of our Hydraulic Power Packs are:

  • Bucket Wheel Reclaimer and Slew Drive
  • Wagon Tipplers
  • Conveyors
  • Apron feeders
  • Side arm chargers
  • Boom Luffing
  • Paddle Feeders