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Welcome to Maha Hydraulics

Maha Hydraulics Private Limited is a drive system solution company with complete manufacturing of Cam Curve Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor upto 150Lts/rev capacity & Power units upto 1600KW capacity.

The hydraulic motors are designed and manufactured by Maha Hydraulics under brand name"MASCOT". The motors & power units are extensively used in various industries...
  • A new 820 series hydraulic motor has been developed upto 30Lts/rev. These motors are meant for high speed application. A High braking torque (static) brake is available for 820 series motor with braking capacity upto 12500KGM.
  • High braking torque (upto 16000KGM - static/parking) multi disc dry brake is developed for 820 series hydraulic motors. These brakes are specially designed for Wagon Tippler and high inclination conveyor drives.
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