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Hydraulic power unit consists of two electric motor coupled with hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic Pump is connected with Hydraulic Motor by closed loop which ensures higher volumetric efficiency and less pressure drop. The pump delivers oil to the Hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic Pumping unit consists of main axial piston closed loop pump, charge and servo pump mounted on back of the main pump. Main pump outlet oil will be used to drive the hydraulic motor through hoses and pipelines. Charge pump will be used for feeding the main pump and the servo will be used for controlling the main pump swash plate.

Hydraulic tank with all accessories like filters, temperature sensors, gauges, suction valve, pressure switches, oil coolers, pressure transducers, pump controls etc., will be supplied along with the system.

The complete power unit is housed in a steel frame work with sound insulated and weatherproof removable panels and doors. Heavy duty high quality epoxy paint will be quoted for smooth finish and to prevent corrosion.